Integration Methodology

In McKinsey’s seminal article, Cloud foundations: Ten commandments for faster—and more profitable—cloud migrations, commandment two is:

“2. Design the cloud architecture so it can scale

If companies do it right, they can build a cloud architecture based on five people that can scale up to support 500 or more without significant changes. As the cloud footprint grows, a well-designed architecture should be able to accommodate more components, including more application patterns, isolation zones, and capabilities. Support for this scaling requires simple, well-designed interfaces between components. Because this is difficult to get right the first time, cloud-architecture engineers who have done it before at scale are a big advantage.”

This defines our approach to integration with ERP Cloud integration.

Our philosophy:

Review all the custom components to determine commonality.

  • Can extract to external systems be combined with extract for reporting?
  • Can a single interface be developed for multiple point-to-points with modularized point-to-points?

Ensure Error Handling and Timing are recorded for each step. Create Dashboards for real-time integration status.