Apeiron brings a bold, innovative approach to Program Management consisting of four core principles.

  1. Open and Transparent Program Management Process
  2. Clear Communication of roles, responsibility, authority, and proactive conflict resolution inclusive of all program stakeholders.
    • Apeiron develops, in conjunction with the customer, working groups commissioned to resolve issues before they impact program execution.
    • Three levels of working groups:
      1. Process Working Groups (B2R, P2P, etc.) (Customer Business Expert, Functional Technology Expert, Technical Expert)
      2. Technical and Business Working Groups- Technical Calls and Business Process Changes
      3. Program Management Working Group- Any issues that impact cost and schedule.
  3. Explicit Standards of performance and articulation of goals and objectives
    • Establish Clear Measures of Effectiveness that bind overall program goals and objectives and tie stakeholders to the success of the program.
  4. Future state operations drive decision-making.
    • Thinking early and often about how the system will be operationalized and using these operational insights to guide the system design.

Implementation Methodology:

A typical implementation process follows five principal phases: Requirement Gathering, Design, Build, Test, and Operations we follow the same process, however:

Our philosophy is to explicitly consider test, deployment, and operations as part of requirement gathering and design so that:

  • Common service design streamlines testing. For example, designing a single payment service can avoid testing every point-to-point interface.
  • Deployment is a stand-alone activity that starts early in the project and has its own build objects and is tested.
  • As part of the design process, the design considers how someone will operate the system i.e., How are errors handled? Are the errors clear? How are stakeholders notified? How hard is break-fix? What items can be configured and available in an app to avoid code changes? Can code be modularized so multiple developers can work on the code base without impeding each other?
  • As part of the build, monitoring tools are developed to under provide operations telemetry to users, and those are tested as part of testing.